Coin purse

  • 100% Colombian handcrafts. Made from natural biodegradable materials. Offered in best nationwide marketplaces.
  • Unique products, handmade from Colombian people with a story behind the product.
  • Our commitment is work “hand in hand” with the artisans in the country of origin, to provide them with a presence in different countries and allow the history of Colombian crafts to be known.
  • Our products are made in “FIQUE” a natural fiber that grow up in sleeves of Maguey, a plant native from south America.
  • Our purses are made to store small things like keys, cards, coins and others. They are washable, resistant, comfortable, and can be stored in your bag.
  • A unique coin purse like no other – this coin purse is handmade by a real Colombian artisan, making it truly unique! It’s small (6 x 4 inches) and lightweight, but big enough to hold cash, coins, credit cards, makeup, or any other small items that may be floating around at the bottom of your bag.
Weight 0.042 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 4 in

Brown, Gray, Green, Multicolor, Rainbow, Solid brown

This beautiful coin purse is made with natural fiber (Fique) and dyed with natural dyes. It has a zipper on the top, and it’s the perfect size to carry credit cards, ID, keys, or just some money. This coin purse is handmade by artisans in Colombia, South America. Fique is a natural fiber which is native to Colombia and Ecuador.

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