Smart Market

What does Smart Market do and how does it work?

Smart Market is a team of specialists in Foreign Trade with more than 28 years of experience in Foreign Trade, International Supply Chain Services and Development of International Markets for Latin American companies.

Since September 2022 we have established a presence in Latin America to support the export and internationalization projects of SMEs, entrepreneurs and artisans with export potential and located in different Latin American countries.

Our team and infrastructure is deployed in different countries in Latin America and the United States to reach effective results in the internationalization processes performed by our different allies.

Our strategy consists of participating shoulder to shoulder with the producers in the country of origin, providing a presence in the country of destination, coordinating the shipment of cargo to be exported and doing the marketing and distribution logistic in the target market. In the other hand, an alliance figure is proposed where the producer and Smart Market obtain equal benefits.

Value proposition

Our Value proposition is supported by offering unique, sustainable products, made from recycled or biodegradable materials, handmade, offered on the most widely distributed sales platforms internationally, at competitive prices and with friendly and efficient payment gateways.

Also offering a total satisfaction guarantee service and personalized after-sales service.

Story behind the product

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